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Faites connaître l'eau VOLNIC à votre entourage ! Elle est bonne pour la santé et PAS CHERE !!! Prenez-vous en photo en train de boire votre VOLNIC pour démultiplier vos gains ! Postez la photo sur votre Facebook en inscrivant les bonnes balises (# et @) puis coller le lien URL de votre post sur la plateforme. Apafantaro ny rano fisotro VOLNIC amin'ny mpiray vodin-rindrina aminao sy ny namanao. VOLNIC dia tsara sady mora. Mangala sarinao misotro ny VOLNIC mba hampitomby ny vola ho azonao. Alefaso amin'ny tambazotra serasera( Facebook) ny sary ary asivo ireto hashtag ireto @Volnic #vitamalagasy #thesocialrace. Alaivo ilay "lien url" an'ilay "publication" anao dia alefaso ao amin'ny tranokala.

The goal of this campaign is to get as much interaction as possible! Likes, comments, and shares!

#vitamalagasy  #thesocialrace

In this campaign your likes can be multiplied by 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on the quality of the post to turn into tokens : 50 Tokens rapportent 400 MGA

Pending Post under validation. A slight modification of the text due to a typing error can be requested.
Rejected The post does not correspond to the campaign, does not highlight the campaign, displays visual content that is not relevant to the targeted campaign.
Presence of # and @ tags, valid text, evocation of the campaign with visual content on the campaign subject.
Presence of # and @ tags, valid text and at the beginning of the text box, effective evocation of the campaign and eye-catching content on the subject.
Presence of #and @ tags, valid and promoting text, effective campaign announcement and visual content provided by the briefing.
Pour cette campagne le gain maximal par post n'est pas plafonné

The more these criteria you meet, the more stars you will receive

  • Influencer genders : Autres,
  • Geolocation : 4 50 km aux environs
  • Interests : Sport / Santé / Culture

The more these criteria you meet, the more stars you will receive

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